Audition Registration and Requirements


While the current session-in-progress audition is officially closed, the registration is open to those who have a private teacher’s or the YSDP music director’s recommendation can register here.


The Auditions for the new performance season 2023-2024 that starts in Fall 2023 are now open!  

The registration is open to all returning and new musicians. All auditions are online. Please follow the simple two-step process (blue bars below) to audition for the performance season 2023-2024. There is a $25 registration fee followed by entering your information.  Then submit your audition video links at  We encourage you to register and submit your audition video links as early as possible.


Double-click each of the Audition Info Sheet or Audition Requirements document below to Download


Please click each instrument below to view or download your Excerpts (Alpha Order).

For the Sinfonietta and Philharmonia Strings, the 2023-2024 concert season’s excerpt is the same as the prior season, 2022-2023. Please ignore the reference to “2022”.


Symphony Orchestra Excerpts (2023-2024 ILMEA State Excerpts)

Winds/Percussion Updated on 1/21/23

Strings (2023-2024 will be “Mozart” Year. The excerpts will be provided here at the beginning of February)


Concert Orchestra Excerpts

Concert Orchestra Bass Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Bassoon Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Cello Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Clarinet Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Flute Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Horn Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Oboe Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Trombone Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Tuba Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Viola Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Violin Excerpt


Philharmonia Strings Excerpts

Philharmonia Strings Bass Etude Excerpt

Philharmonia Strings Cello Etude Excerpt

Philharmonia Strings Viola Etude Excerpt

Philharmonia Strings Violin Etude Excerpt


Sinfonietta Strings Etude

Sinfonietta Strings Bass Etude Excerpt

Sinfonietta Strings Cello Etude Excerpt

Sinfonietta Strings Viola Etude Excerpt

Sinfonietta Strings Violin Etude Excerpt