Audition Registration and Requirements


Although the Spring and Fall Auditions have concluded, we welcome registrations recommended or facilitated by a Private Music Teacher or a recommendation from one of the YSDP Music Directors.

To initiate the registration process or seek further information, please contact us at All auditions are conducted online, and we’ve streamlined the process into two simple steps. To begin, kindly submit a $25 registration fee and provide complete details via the registration button below. Subsequently, please share the links to your audition videos with us at Please note that we do not currently have openings for flute positions.



Note on audition video recording:

The phrase “back-to-back,” in the Audition Info Sheet refers to the pieces should be recorded without pauses in between, creating a seamless performance. While recording all the requirements in one continuous take is the preferred approach, we would accept recording each requirement separately as long as a link is provided.  This allows for better organization for each evaluation. Editing of the audition video is not permitted.  



Double-click each of the Audition Info Sheet or Audition Requirements documents below to Download.


Please click each instrument below to view or download your Excerpts (Alpha Order).

Symphony Orchestra Excerpts

YSDP audition excerpts for Symphony Orchestra are based on the 2023-2024 ILMEA State Excerpts (sorted by instruments, alpha order).

Symphony Orchestra Bass Excerpt

Symphony Orchestra Cello Excerpt

Symphony Orchestra Violin Excerpt

Symphony Orchestra Viola Excerpt

Symphony Orchestra Winds/Percussion


Concert Orchestra Excerpts

Concert Orchestra Bass Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Bassoon Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Cello Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Clarinet Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Flute Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Horn Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Oboe Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Trombone Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Trumpet Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Tuba Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Viola Excerpt

Concert Orchestra Violin Excerpt


Philharmonia Strings Excerpts

Philharmonia Strings Bass Etude Excerpt

Philharmonia Strings Cello Etude Excerpt

Philharmonia Strings Viola Etude Excerpt

Philharmonia Strings Violin Etude Excerpt


Sinfonietta Strings Etude

Sinfonietta Strings Bass Etude Excerpt

Sinfonietta Strings Cello Etude Excerpt

Sinfonietta Strings Viola Etude Excerpt

Sinfonietta Strings Violin Etude Excerpt