Concerto Competition

The 2023 Concerto Competition Winners

We are happy to let you know that the 2022-2023 Concerto Competition took place on January 29 from 12 pm to 5 pm at Wentz Concert Hall.  As always, independent judges were invited to judge this year’s competition, and the judge strictly and solely determined the result. 

Thank you to all the participating musicians.  You were fabulous!  Judges were impressed with how poised the participating musicians were and further stated that “The level of playing was very high, and the work that each of these students put into preparing their work was incredibly evident.” 

Congrats to our winners! 

Symphony Orchestra:

1st Place: Sofia Radovic, Violin

2nd Place: Kevin Hernandez, Cello

3rd Place: Anna-Maria Olarov, Cello

Honorable mention: Robert Huth, Cello

Concert Orchestra:

1st Place: Aria Humbracht, Violin

2nd Place: Simone Witort, Cello

3rd Place: Sarah Park, Flute

Honorable mention: Gabriela Radovic, Violin

The first-place winner of the Concert Orchestra level will perform solo with piano accompaniment at the Winter Concert (2/26) and receive a $100 scholarship cash award. 
The first-place winner at the Symphony Orchestra level will perform solo with the orchestra at the Spring Concert (4/30) and receive a $200 scholarship cash award.

Thank you for all your help (Alphabetical Order):
Invited Judges, Kay Burdi (President of the Board), Joann Foss ( Adam Manzke’s grandmother and Secretary of the board), David Gavin (Max Gavin’s parent and Vice President of the Board), Mrs. Nancy Huth (Robert Huth’s parent), Liz Moore (Member Services), Shirley Sze (Vice President of the Board) for your dedication.

Once again, congratulations to all the participants!



The 2024 Concerto Competition

The Youth Symphony of Dupage Annual Concerto Competition for the year 2024 for String, Wind, Brass, and Percussion is open! The competition will be in person on January 28, 2024 (tentative).  The winners will be announced on or about 2/5/24.  This competition is open to YSDP members only. 

Participants: YSDP Members who play String, Wind, Brass, and Percussion.

Date: Sunday, January 28, 2024* (* denotes the tentative date, and the date may be modified.)

Location: In-person at Wentz Concert Hall

Address: http://171 E Chicago Ave, Naperville, IL 60540

Application Due Date: Friday, January 26, 2024

Requirement: YSDP Concert and Symphony members and all selections must be memorized.

Dress Code: Concert Attire

Registration Link: to be posted on September 30.

Scheduling: A schedule to sign in your performance slot will be provided to the registered player on or about January 15.

Independent Judges will be invited to evaluate the competition, and it is a proud tradition of featuring YSDP players who are the Chicagoland area’s finest young artists. The Judges will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements in each division. Honorable mentions may also be given.  Judges may opt not to give 1st place if they feel certain criteria and standards have not been met. YSDP conductors, staff, or Board will not be involved in determining the scores, modifying the scores, or making placement decisions. 

The first-place winners will be presented with monetary Scholarship Awards and perform at one of the upcoming concerts with careful consideration of their pieces and concert venue. 

Scholarship Awards

Selected Concert and Symphony Winners may perform at the February or April concerts.  The  1st place Symphony Concerto Winner will receive $200 and perform their piece with the Symphony Orchestra. The 1st place Concert concerto winner(s) will receive $100 and perform their piece with their piano accompanist.

The time will be assigned upon receipt of the completed application and the payment.

Additional Notes

Students are to receive prior approval of the music selection from their conductor before beginning rehearsing and memorizing.  Please email your music to your conductor for approval and copy

Your music must be a PDF file consisting of all pages (in 1 file). Please do not submit each page.

The student must play one complete movement of a piece, and the piece should be no longer than 8-10 minutes in length. Submit a scanned copy (one pdf, not multiple pages) of your music with measures marked for the judges. Email it to or drop it off at the check-in desk in an envelope with your name on it.

A piano accompanist is required. The student will provide the name of his or her piano accompanist at the audition registration. 

Final decisions concerning solo performances are at the sole discretion of the Music Director.

To Symphony Orchestra Members:

Orchestral accompaniments must be easily accessible and affordable for rental purposes should you be chosen to perform with the Symphony Orchestra during the April concert.

Please research and inform YSDP of the cost and availability of your music selection before receiving approval.

Students are to discuss with their private teacher where / how to get access to the orchestral accompaniment parts.

Students must play complete movements of pieces.  Appropriate cuts may be used if the piece is too long.  Only one movement can be used for the audition.

PAST WINNERS: The Prior 1st place winners must wait one year to apply for the competition. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Concerto Competition!