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Welcome to Youth Symphony of DuPage! 


This site will require a password to enter.  Please refer to your email, membership enrollement packet (from YSDP Document Center) for a password to access the payment site or request one at .


Fall Audition 2021-2022 Aceptance Letters are being sent this week (week of August 16). Accepted Members are ask to pay full tuition at this time.  You can also request an intallment payment plan at If you are able, YSDP encourages tuition paid in full upon acceptance into the orchestra.


Click your student level below to make your payment.  

The membership fees

Sinfonietta Strings: $450


Sinfonietta Strings: $450

Philharmonia Strings: $500

Concert Orchestra: $600

Symphony Orchestra: $600



YSDP offers 20 percent sibling discount per student and 30 percent sibling discount per three or more students enrolled in YSDP. Please email to proving your student names and we will provide you with a sibling discount code prior to paying the tuition.


If no payment has been received, you may be removed from the YSDP roster. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.