YSDP Board

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Music Director
– Dr. Mark Liu

Conductor – Concert & Symphony Orchestra
– Dr. Mark Liu

Conductor – Sinfonietta Strings
-David Petersons

Executive Board Members
– President: Kay Burdi
– Vice-President: Frank Cabrera, Delena Ollila
– Secretary: Jo Ann Foss
– Co-Treasurer: Ritchie Chang
– Interim Co=Treasurer (Compliance): Kay Burdi

Board Members
– Sharenda Barlar
– Elizabeth Carlos
– Phavinee Park
– Dorothy Chinchilla
– Yonhee Gordon

Honorary Board Members
– Meng-Kong Tham
– Anne Altman
– Barbara Grob
– Romayne Toy

Orchestra Manager:
– Annalise Hausman

Orchestra Support Staff
– Katie Mayer

To contact the board, please use the Contact Us Form with the Subject: “Attention Board”.