YSDP Board of Directors

Vote for the Performance Season 2023-2024 Board of Directors on 4/1/2024

The YSDP has a clear and transparent governance structure, with a Board of directors comprising non-compensated members. These members are elected annually by the YSDP members meeting in accordance with the organization’s bylaws. This ensures that the Board of Directors is accountable to the YSDP members and acts in their best interests.  YSDP members can either vote for all current Board of Directors to continue for the upcoming performance season or vote for individuals listed in alphabetical order.

To vote:

Please click here or use this link: https://forms.gle/NZ32z5s4XopSWxUW8

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Who We Are

YSDP Board is a not-for-profit organization leadership that promotes classical education and inspires talented young musicians. A team of the YSDP Board is elected to represent members’ interests.  The Board of Directors is from both inside and outside the YSDP membership.

What we do

Join us in our mission to create unforgettable experiences for our talented young musicians. The backbone of our organization, the Board of Directors, is fully committed to orchestrating every aspect of our operations, from shaping the overarching vision to meticulous planning and the precise execution of critical decisions related to membership, policies, financial distributions, and our dedicated team.

We bring forth a compelling vision that is both inspiring and forward-thinking, along with a well-crafted methodology, state-of-the-art tools, and an unwavering personal commitment to ensure the seamless operation of our organization. Our Board of Directors convenes monthly, offering the flexibility of remote or in-person participation with consistent involvement, providing crucial decision-making support for tactical and operational needs.

What you can do

Are you interested in joining a team to make a difference for the young players? Email kburdi@ysdp.org. This is your opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey that brings intrinsic satisfaction by nurturing the growth and success of our gifted young talents. At YSDP, we value diversity in skill sets and welcome individuals from all backgrounds, even if you’re not a musician. Your unique perspective and expertise can be a valuable addition to our collective efforts in fostering the next generation of musical prodigies.

Executive Board of Directors
Kay Burdi, President of the Board of Directors
Shirley Sze, Vice-President of the Board of Directors
Jo Ann Foss, Secretary of the Board of Directors
Davin Gavin, VicePresident of the Board of Directors
Olga Shroff, Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors At large
Soojin Kim, Board of Director
Bill Hottinger, Board of Director
Yasmin Khan, Board of Director

Advisory Board of Directors
Yonhee Gordon
G. Scott Mitchell

Member Coordinator
Liz Moore

Honorary Board Members
Meng-Kong Tham
Anne Altman
Barbara Grob