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A mininum $100 deposit (applied to membership fees) or or full tuition is due immediately upon acceptance in order to confirm a seat. The payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

FULL TUITION is due upon acceptance into the orchestra or you can pay in accordance with the above outlined pay schedule below.

The membership fee and payment schedule for the 2020-2021 season is:

Tuition/ Payment schedule Sinfonietta/ Philharmonia Concert /Symphony
Tuition (can be paid in full) $450/$500 $600/$600
Immediately upon acceptance $100 $100
June 15th $150 $200
July 1st $150 $200
August 1st Full Payment Due Full Payment Due


The YSDP Board must approve any other payment schedule, if requested.

All payments are non re-fundable and non-transferable.

If a musician chooses to leave after the season begins, their tuition is non- refundable.

No Refunds will be offered in the event there are changes in music directors, conductors, management, etc. The YSDP Board is responsible for hiring qualified personnel.

Membership includes the following: Per musician as paid by tuition

Two (2) tickets to both the Fall Concert and Spring Concert ($40 value)

Two (2) tickets to the February Benefit Concert ($30 value).