YSDP requires our female musicians to wear a long-sleeve, full-length black velveteen dress to all concerts. This will allow YSDP to maintain a uniform look for all participants in the orchestras, simplifying the dress code requirements and your search for proper clothing.

These dresses are similar to the ones worn by local high school band, orchestra, and choir members. They are extremely easy to maintain.

If you already own one of these dresses, the YSDP Dress Committee must view and approve your dress to ensure fit and uniformity before YSDP submits the group order.

The cost of the dress is $85.00 for the long-sleeve, full-length dress. This cost is in addition to the orchestral tuition and is due at the time of ordering.


  1. JULY, 2019 (date pending)
    • All female members will receive an email detailing the measuring and ordering procedures
  2. AUGUST, 201 (date pending)
    • Deadline for ordering your dress using YSDP’s on-line ordering form
    • A link to the sizing chart is located on the ordering form
    • NO LATE ORDERING. Once YSDP submits the order, that order is FINAL. The dressmaker will not allow any changes to that order and still have the dresses ready for the December Concert. YSDP may submit a separate order for any new members for the March and May concerts.
  3. Send payment ($85.00 per dress) to
    • YSDP, P.O. Box 55, Naperville, IL 60566
    • Put your musicians’ full name in the memo section of the check.
  4. After YSDP submits the order, your payment is non-refundable. Dresses are custom fit for each girl, but are loose enough to be sold to other members at a later date.
  5. Delivery is expected within 10-12 weeks after the order is submitted.

For Student Already Own a Velveteen Concert Dress

Many schools require their band, orchestra, and chorus members to purchase one of these velveteen concert dresses (i.e. Naperville North, Naperville Central)

If you already own a velveteen dress, please use Contact Us Form to inform us. Please use “Concert Dress” as subject and indicate at what school you wear it.

To insure compatibility, YSDP Dress Committee must view and approve your dress for uniformity before YSDP submits the group order.  You do not need to purchase a YSDP dress if your dress is compatible.