Pandemic Contingency Plan

The health and welfare of students and our directors are of the utmost importance. Rehearsals will only be allowed as gatherings are permitted, with face covering guidelines followed and sanitizers provided. In the situation where rehearsals are not allowed for any reason, YSDP directors have pledged to continue providing substantial instruction for students via the virtual platform. This may include:

During this unprecedented time, YSDP is carefully considering the best ways to ensure our students and staff stay safe while providing an excellent musical experience. As with everything in the world right now, plans are constantly in flux, but we wanted to let you know about the contingency plans we are considering.

While our ensembles might not look exactly as they have in the past, be assured that the YSDP will be fully functioning in the Fall, and we can’t wait to see everyone! We are monitoring school district protocols (after July 13 we will know more), health and state department guidelines, and parent wishes. Please know that your participation is vital and we invite you to stay engaged and excited about the Fall. We will continue to update you as conditions change. Currently, we have 3 different plans based on potential social distancing rules and restrictions on gathering sizes. The options being explored for next year are:

In-person – Rehearsals with correct gathering sizes will occur. If your orchestra is larger than the mandated gathering size, we will come up with a rotating or divided schedule, possibly related to the blended learning option below. Students will need their own stands, will require face covering, and will be properly spaced. Students and families will fill out a form weekly hours before arriving to self-report health conditions to keep everyone safe! Sanitizers and dividers will be provided. Even if we proceed in-person, if it is a family desire to not attend for any reason, rehearsals will be live-streamed and there will be the opportunity for students not in attendance to record progress for the conductor.

Completely Virtual – this scenario is possible, particularly for the Fall of 2020, if health departments and school districts mandate it to be so. In this scenario, students will still receive music, will have Zoom-Webinar rehearsals, sectionals, and informational meetings. Students will be required to practice and video/audio record excerpts of their playing, and eventually, a “virtual orchestra” video/audio will be produced with their recordings. We will then have a “watch party” instead of an in-person concert. And, as soon as we can be in-person or blended, we will move to that scenario.

Blended – partially virtual, partially in-person. Large full-sized ensembles will have an alternating rehearsal schedule.  In this scenario, we divide our orchestras into two half groups, Orchestra “A” and Orchestra “B”. Both halves would play the same repertoire and rehearse every other week.  The half not in-person would follow along from home on a live-stream.

We are finalizing plans and preparing to transition between these options as conditions allow for the return of YSDP’s program in Fall.  The health of our members and staff is our priority.  The proposed plan must be aligned with the rehearsal facility and local health governing guidelines.  We ask for your continued patience as the process progresses and hope to return to operations as usual soon.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.