Pandemic Contingency Plan

Dear YSDP students and families. At the Youth Symphony of DuPage we are dedicated not only to the musical enrichment and growth of our students but also to following the rules and regulations set forth by local, state and federal government guidelines regarding safe practices for gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such we are dedicated to the following plan:

1. The health and welfare of students and our directors are of the utmost importance. Rehearsals will only be allowed as gatherings are permitted, with face covering guidelines followed and sanitizers provided. In the situation where rehearsals are not allowed for any reason, YSDP directors have pledged to continue providing substantial instruction for students via the virtual platform. This may include:

( a ) Video check-ins required of all students to continue furthering deep knowledge of the music being learned

( b ) Audio and/or video performances from students to be used for technologically enhanced performances, like a ‘virtual orchestra, if this is the only way to perform.

( c ) Music History and Music Theory lesson requirements related specifically to the repertoire being studied in the students’ orchestra.

( d ) Zoom/Webinar gatherings with our directors to continue the connection with students.

2. If there are financial circumstance changes for your family once the season has begun, there will be hardship scholarship applications made available. Once your child has started the season with YSDP, we will do everything possible to keep continuous musical engagement a reality for your child.

3. This too shall pass – though these times are trying, it is through music and the engagement of young musicians that we will make it to the future. YSDP board of directors, staff and music directors are dedicated to weathering the current disruptions in ‘normal youth orchestra’ life to make it through this next season so that hopefully once a vaccine is available, contact tracing is successful and ‘normal life’ starts to resume, little musical time has been lost for our students.