Audition Information



for the 2020 – 2021 Concert Season 

Youth Symphony of DuPage welcomes new musicians (advanced grade school through high school) to audition for our Sinfonietta Strings, Philharmonia Strings, Concert, and Symphony Orchestras.

Auditions are open to all musicians with special consideration for talented wind, brass, and percussion musicians.

YSDP Rehersals are on Mondays. There are a series of three public Concerts per performance season in a typical performance year.  The concerts take place in Wenz Concert Hall in Naperville Illinois.

Auditions for New and Returning Members

The Youth Symphony of DuPage has been keeping a close eye on developments related to COVID-19, and we are excited to announce proactive steps to prioritize the health and safety of our musicians, conductors, judges, employees, parents, and our community.

In response to COVID-19, our Spring Audition will be done through online YouTube video links.  

Once you register, you can submit YouTube links for the Performance Season 2020-2021 audition.  Please see the VIDEO AUDITION DETAILS section of this page for details.


Audition Registration and Links Due Dates: 

* Please complete the Registration by clicking the link below as soon as possible.

*  We ask that the Audtion registration be completed by April 30.  We understand things are hectic around you due to COVID-19, therefore we will continue to accept the audtion application till May 31.

* The dealine for Audition Links are May 31.  

* Note: When registering, you will need to pay for the Audtion Fee $25 first, then click on REGISTER, ADD TO CART, and CHECKOUT to complete the registration details. 


Click here to register your Audtion: HERE

or click this link:



If you already submitted the registration using the old form: 




You can now record it and submit YouTube links for the Performance Season 2020-2021 audition. All Spring Auditions will be done through online YouTube videos. 

Please see below for more information and directions regarding the audition components.

Members of YSDP Judges will review your audition video.  You will receive notification of your audition results via email on or about June 8. 



     *   Record your audition

     *   Upload your recording to YouTube as an unlisted video

     *   Email your recording to us at

Familiarize yourself with the audition requirements and practice each of the elements. We recommend you warm up before you begin your recording.  We also recommend that you practice doing your recording so that you are familiar with the equipment you are using and feel comfortable and relaxed once you do the final video.


Where to Submit your Audition VideoLinks

Please submit your YouTube audition video links at


What to Submit

Please submit only the audition videos consisting of the following items:

     *  Two (2) contrasting solo pieces video links 

     *   (1) major scale and one (1) melodic minor scale of your choice and style video link

     *  If you are auditioning for Symphony Orchestra, please also include a link for the required excerpt video link  (Symphony audition only) 


What to name the YouTube video links:

3 YouTube links (4 YouTube Links for Symphony audition) using the naming convention as following:

     *    Lastname_Firstname_Solo1 

     *    Lastname_Firstname_Solo2 

     *    Lastname_Firstname_Scales

    *    Lastname_Firstname_Excerpt (Symphony only)

You will received the audition result by June 8.

We are looking forward to your audition videos!    



  1. YSDP auditions and seating for the Sinfonietta Strings, Concert and Symphony Orchestras are competitive.
  2. All new candidates and current members must participate in the audition process for the upcoming 2020 – 2021 season.
  3. Current member placement does not guarantee their same placement for the new season.
  4. Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years playing experience on their instrument with private instruction and playing with proficiency for advanced orchestral performance.    Anything less requires a music teacher’s recommendation.
  5. Students may choose to audition for one of the orchestras by following the below criteria; completing the online applications and submitting the audition fee to YSDP.
  6. Please note, auditioning for Symphony Orchestra does not guarantee your placement in Symphony, you may be considered for Concert Orchestra.
  7. If you do not want to be considered for the Concert Orchestra, please note on your application.
  8. Those auditioning for Sinfonietta Strings and/or Concert Orchestra will not be considered for the Symphony Orchestra.
  9. Seating is at the music director’s discretion


For Sinfonietta Strings, Philharmonia, and Concert Orchestra:
  1. Two contrasting movements or solo pieces
    1. 60 seconds for each selection
    2. Does NOT need to be memorized
  2. ONE major scale and ONE melodic minor scale of your choice
    1. 2 octaves
    2. 3 octaves (optional) for violin/viola/cello
  3. Orchestral excerpts are NOT required
  4. No sight reading
  5. Please dress appropriately for your audition
For Symphony Orchestra, the requirements are:
  1. Two contrasting movements or solo pieces
    1. 60 seconds for each selection
    2. Does NOT need to be memorized
  2. ONE major scale and ONE melodic minor scale of your choice
    1. 2 octaves for winds/brass
    2. 3 octaves for violin/viola/cello
  3. Required orchestral excerpts (see below)
  4. No sight reading
  5. Please dress appropriately for your audition

Orchestral Excerpts (for Symphony auditions only)

To All:  prepare ALL bracketed excerpts for your instrument

Horns: prepare Dvorak only

Harp:  prepare Glinka only

Percussion – Snare
Percussion – Timpani
Percussion – Vibraphone


  • YSDP requires all female musicians to purchase a velveteen long sleeve black dress to wear at all concerts.
  • Cost:  approximately $85.
  • Please click here for more information.


  • For questions or to get your audition date / time expedited, please use the

Please note that due to the ongoing development of the COVID-19, information on this site is subject to change.