Arrowhead Club Rehearsals Address: 

26W151 Butterfield Rd, Wheaton, IL 60189

Arrowhead is a park district facility that features large soundproof rooms, great access, and excellent staff.  Among the great features of this wonderful facility, the facility is known for its beautiful views and private or corporate events.  Arrowhead facility is located near the corner of Naper Blvd and Butterfield Rd, westbound, on the south side of Butterfield Rd.  

YSDP would like to express gratitude to Arrowhead executive management, Manager Lauren Zomparelli, and Margarett Harries for the beautiful venue, exceptional staff, and pleasant rehearsals. 

 The Arrowhead is also well known for its great food at the restaurant.  Arrowhead welcomes parents and family to stay within the facility during rehearsals.  We ask parents to wait outside of the rehearsals rooms to maximize student concentration. 

YSDP encourages all musicians to be fully vaccinated and boosted by the orientation date.  The orientation is expected to be held in August and the date and details are to be announced in June 2022.  

Members, please review the rehearsal etiquette section of your Membership Guide so you are aware of our expectations.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled rehearsal, or most importantly, an orchestra performance, you must notify your absence as soon as the conflict is identified. You should send your absence report before 4:00 pm on the rehearsal day. Click to complete a rehearsal absence report form.

In some cases, you may not be able to report your absence before the scheduled rehearsal time. Even if it is too late for the rehearsal, a retroactive report is still necessary.

“No show” without any absence report will not look good on your record. Since the attendance report must be seen by the conductors before each rehearsal session begins, it is important that the report is made by 5:00 pm. If you can’t make the deadline, fill out the absence report after rehearsal is over.

Youth Symphony of DuPage strongly urges all members to participate in their school bands and orchestras. We thank the many school orchestra and band directors who encourage their students to advance their skills by joining YSDP.